I have mentioned Grandview Park to several dog-owners lately and I was surprised that none had heard of it. Grandview is a 37 acre off-leash dog park at 3600 S. 228th St in SeaTac, WA. This is Rob’s favorite place, even rating slightly above The Natural Pet Pantry and Horizon Pet Supply. It has grassy fields, gravel trails and in Winter, a wet muddy area that just begs dogs to stomp through it. On the weekend or a warm evening the park gets crowded and it is wonderful to see so many dogs playing together. It is fun to see how the little dogs pair off and Rob usually find one or two dogs his size to wrestle. This morning there were only about ten dogs and Rob played with every single one. His favorite was a lab-mix who engaged with him at a level I’ve never seen before. They were growling, snarling and doing wolf- jitsu moves on each other, grabbing neck and flipping each other over and then breaking apart, play-bowing and then starting over. The other dog’s escort looked as startled as I was. He said his dog almost never plays with other dogs. I can’t believe they can mock-battle like that without anyone getting hurt. It is like watching stuntmen executing a tightly choreographed sequence without any rehearsal or even having met one another before. One couple I greeted said they don’t even have a dog but love to come to the park to walk and watch the dogs run. The view of Mt. Rainier on a clear day is a real bonus.

Link to a map of Grandview Park.

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