Another installment of The Tales of Camper-Bob, Adventure-Dog!

We just spent a perfect weekend in Vancouver BC and we are so ready to become Canadian! Scott used the Dogfriendly website to locate a hotel that would accommodate Robert and got us a room with kitchenette, complete with a dog bed and bowls at the Vancouver Best Western Downtown.  We had been keeping track of weather reports and were expecting snow but the weather was perfect, sunny and bright. We walked all over downtown Vancouver and through beautiful Stanley Park where we saw the totem poles, coastline, and teahouse. We were each able to indulge our tastes — Scott found a dog friendly cigar store where he and Rob spent an afternoon and he will soon have a  blogpost up about that while I found the treadmill and jacuzzi at the hotel’s fitness center and spent my “leisure time” there. Rob had a blast just being a hotel-dog meeting new fans, riding the elevators, climbing stairs and going for lots of urban walks.

Dogfriendly had a large list of off-leash dogparks around Vancouver and the hotel gave us one as well so we explored several of those with Rob. He met a lovely Bernese Mt Dog with the perfect name — Turtle, a French bulldog pup with more energy than I have ever seen before and then this morning, a tiny Norfolk terrier puppy named Murphy. to the amazement of his new parents who said he never interacts with big dogs, Murphy followed Rob all over Charleson Park and Rob showed him how to lick mud, chase birds and pee on tufts of frost-bitten grass, you know, all the important dog-things.