We had a great camping trip. Rob was feeling better but wasn’t supposed to be walking so we couldn’t go for our regular campground walks. I had a commissioned wedding necklace to make so I brought the jewelry tool box along. The bride wanted citrine and pearls. I love that combination started 3 different necklaces with that combination. Then I found a You Tube video on crocheting wire and bead necklaces and while I was watching Robert to make sure he wasn’t chomping on his bandage, I made one that way, too. She chose two and the others will be in my Etsy store soon. I love the textures in the pearl and citrine braided necklace below. The technique looks impressive but is really quite simple. Our campsite-neighbor and I made a fieldtrip to Shipwreck Beads for supplies and then I taught her how to make one. She made a beautiful braided necklace in multiple shades of green stones with gunmetal colored wire. It was finished in a couple of hours and she had never even crocheted before. So, what do you do when you are camping?

Here is the video I watched: Karla Shafer

Shipwreck Beads

I promise I will post a full report on Rob’s injury and recovery when we get the bandage off and know more.

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