I just started the new weaving project and it is beautiful, Robin picked a twill pattern for me and showed me how to tie up the treadles. You can’t really see the twill pattern unless you get really close (see pic) but it makes the fabric feel different than plain weave. I love the color and how supple the material is even before finishing. I had planned on a stole but maybe I’ll just get some more sock yarn and make the jacket out of Small Loom and Freeform Weaving since my width is just right.

 It is a one-size-fits-all kind of pattern and this piece would be one front (11-12 inches). I can start tapering a V neckline in a few inches. I should be able to get both fronts and at least one  sleeve out of this warp. Then I can warp again using most of Baby Wolf’s 26 inch width to make the back in one piece (22-24 inches).

It just struck me that my last projects were Autumn orange and now this one is the perfect Scorpio red. Funny how that works! The warp is Debra Norville sock in black and the weft is Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Boucle in color 1050. Don’t you love it when bargain yarn turns out well?

Then, I made the most adorable spider this weekend. No, really. The pattern is from the Lion Brand website and I used some leftover variegated Wool-ease yarn. When I put the eyes on, he/she reminded me of those troll dolls from the 60’s, so I had to make him/her a hairdo.