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The 2016 LYS Tour

We’re counting down to the 2016 LYS Tour: Five days of fiber fun, May 18 – 22, 2016. Puget Sound, Washington. Click the sheep to see the cool countdown timer counting the days.

LYS is an acronym for Local Yarn Store and each store on the map will have items on sale and a free pattern. There are also prizes for filling your passport with stamps from all the stores but I never get to all of them.

Here’s the map for this year:

Read more at the Source: The 2016 LYS Tour

What is looming today? A new weaving project

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What is looming today? A new weaving project! Sorry about the pun.:)

When I bought my Dorothy table loom on Ebay the shipping box contained cones of yarn in each corner as “padding,” three are chenille that I haven’t been brave enough to attempt using yet and the other was this variegated, slubby cotton. I am assuming it is cotton anyway. I knew it would make a pretty weft so I measured out a black matte cotton warp for it but then decided to try the variegated yarn for both warp & weft. I have only woven scarves so this is the widest warp,  at 24 inches, that I have used. This will be a shawl about 23.5 x 72 inches woven on my Baby Wolf loom. Continue reading What is looming today? A new weaving project

Gracie is featured on Ravelry!


Do you Ravel? I do.

Ravelry.com is one of my favorite favorites. So I was thrilled to receive an email yesterday requesting the use of Gracie’s picture to accompany this dog sweater pattern from Lion Brand Yarn. Click this link to see it on Ravelry: Flower Garden Dog Sweater pattern by Lion Brand Yarn. Here is the original post about the sweater. You can find me on ravelry as idthornell.

So, do you ravel?

LYS Tour 2012

Yes, the annual LYS (local yarn shop) tour is upon us again.  21 shops between Bellingham and Renton have put together a fun weekend of visiting and shopping May 17 – 20. Each has a free pattern and daily prize drawing and getting your “passport” stamped at all of them, gets you into a drawing for some generous gifts.

Nationwide buying statistics show that people are buying less at small shops and spending more of their money at the big craft stores like Michael’s, Wal-Mart and JoAnn’s. I am not affiliated with any LYS but  I am committed to supporting my friends and neighbors by buying locally when possible. The Puget Sound area has lost three yarn shops this year, and I urge you to visit the ones we have and let them know how much we value them!

For those in the area, have you ever done the LYS tour?

For everyone, do you try to buy local or has that become less of a priority lately?

New Scarves

I’ve been working on my photography and got some good pix of a few scarves I made over the winter. I found a tutorial on digital photography and learned some new techniques. Well, not new techniques really, just figuring out what some of the buttons on my camera actually do 🙂 I learned to switch between auto and macro but I can’t seem to get the background blurred sufficiently. There must be another button somewhere…

sparkly metallic and mohair yarns handwoven with long twisted fringe
lacey cowl crocheted in fine wool
loom knit variegated ribbon
Handknit chunky scarf with sparkles, ribbon, roving and fluff
Handwoven microfiber with sparkly acrylic yarns

My Latest Project

I just started the new weaving project and it is beautiful, Robin picked a twill pattern for me and showed me how to tie up the treadles. You can’t really see the twill pattern unless you get really close (see pic) but it makes the fabric feel different than plain weave. I love the color and how supple the material is even before finishing. I had planned on a stole but maybe I’ll just get some more sock yarn and make the jacket out of Small Loom and Freeform Weaving since my width is just right.

Continue reading My Latest Project


I warped my Baby Wolf loom all by myself this morning which means….Robin is a really good teacher!  There are six main processes that have to be completed before you can weave:

  • measuring the warp
  • winding on
  • threading the heddles
  • sleying the reed
  • tying and tensioning the warp
  • weaving a header Continue reading Weaving!

The store is open!

Check out my store on Etsy! I am moving the jewelry and amulets and adding all the earrings and bracelets I’ve never listed anywhere before. I’ll be adding handspun yarns and hand-dyed fiber as soon as I get yardage calculated. My shop is dedicated to my mom who taught me to crochet, knit, and be generally crafty and also my mom-in-law who taught me to spin and gifted me with my first drop spindle and spinning wheel. Happy Mother’s Day to you both!

So what happened? Why am I finally putting items in a store that has been forlorn and empty for almost a year? Because… I finally figured out how to use a lightbox. Yeah, stupid thing to be held up on, I know. It was just one more skill that I didn’t have time to figure out. If you need a lightbox, check out this one: The cowboy studio portable light tent. I really like it. It folds flat and fits in the closet. Here is a small sample of store items…