Andy Griffith has passed on and I will miss him. I am sharing this, the best memorial I’ve read of Mr. Griffith so far, just in case you haven’t seen it yet. I think it is the best because Ron summed up what I always loved best about Andy’s roles: his kindness. He was a comedian, but seemingly without the meanness exhibited by so many. Even when pointing out some of Barney Fife’s more obvious gaffe’s he always seemed tolerantly amused rather than sarcastic.  

No Time For Sergeants is probably my favorite of his roles but it was his role as the Sheriff of Mayberry that brought him into my home every afternoon. Life as a latch-key kid in the sixties was kind of lonesome so I always had the TV on to keep me company. Andy was like having a favorite uncle stop by to check in. Thank you Andy for always being there for me!

I am not sure why there were so many TV shows about single fathers in that era. The Rifleman, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, My Three Sons, Family Affair was an uncle but I’d still include it in the roster. I am sure there are some I don’t remember, was there one about a nanny?

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