Well, right in the middle of losing and finding Gracie and simultaneously exhibiting Chinook at the Wooden Boat Festival, we began the kitchen project. It is the last room in the house to tackle and we put it off for a very long time.    I love the way we always learn more about the house and find things in the walls. When we remodeled the bathroom we found a 1944 newspaper and this time we found more newspaper, a few bottles, marbles, stamp pads, and some fossilized mouse poop. I assume it is litter but keep wondering if builders placed stuff into walls before closing them up on purpose like a time capsule, or like putting your initials and the date into freshly poured concrete. Else how do things like the marbles get in there, did a builder bring his kids along one day and they lost a couple?One bottle is Guild Port from CA. Here is a 1948 article about the wines of Lodi, CA. My favorite line is, ‘The Sweet Wine Country, as far as quality is concerned, is virgin soil. It will produce wines precisely as good as the American consumer demands, and no better.’

The others are orange soda. Check out the listings for Par T Pak bottles on Ebay.

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