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What is looming today? A new weaving project! Sorry about the pun.:)

When I bought my Dorothy table loom on Ebay the shipping box contained cones of yarn in each corner as “padding,” three are chenille that I haven’t been brave enough to attempt using yet and the other was this variegated, slubby cotton. I am assuming it is cotton anyway. I knew it would make a pretty weft so I measured out a black matte cotton warp for it but then decided to try the variegated yarn for both warp & weft. I have only woven scarves so this is the widest warp,  at 24 inches, that I have used. This will be a shawl about 23.5 x 72 inches woven on my Baby Wolf loom.I was intimidated about removing the raddle because it sits pretty high on the warp beam and it is tough to get it out without moving the threads around so I tried weaving with it in place and had three broken warp threads right off the bat. I figured out that it was because the warp was traveling downward to the heddles which were then pulling it in rather than letting it flow directly. Once I removed the raddle and all then the extra heddles from each side of the harnesses the pathway became straight and level, the abrasion ceased and I haven’t had another break in about 3 feet of weaving.

These are the warping instructions I use: Louise French’s warping instructions. I had the pdf printed and bound and follow it like a checklist each time. It is a 5.00 USD download and has detailed instructions and pix. I highly recommend it.