My poor little laptop can’t blog

Well, It has tried hard but this little old laptop I am borrowing this weekend isn’t up to the task of modern blogging. It is just too slow for uploading photos and  refreshing web pages, and keeps timing out. I should be back on my own PC on Monday if Dell is able to fix the socket for me. They decided to honor the service contract and end someone out, YAY!

What does a blogger need in a laptop?

This led me to consider that since the laptop is the weapon of choice among all the bloggers I know, what does a blogger actually need in a laptop? My preference is to go for the smallest laptop that can do the job and what I chose last time was the Dell 11z. It is small and lightweight but is also phenomenally fast at loading webpages.

I use Chrome and find I usually end up with about 12 tabs open in my browser, Gmail, calendar, WordPress, Facebook, and the pages I am using for research. Make sure your laptop has a huge hard drive and a keyboard you actually like for typing. Another thing I think is important is a big battery. I like to write in bed, in coffee shops, waiting rooms, etc. Here is a sneak preview of my next laptop, the Asus Ultrabook.

unless something cooler comes out by the time I am ready to buy it.

What does a blogger not need in a laptop?

I’ve thought about this a lot because I do like to choose laptops that are on the small side. I choose to forgo things like a large screen, touch screens, “kick-ass speakers”, and other options that don’t contribute to simple reading and writing. In other words, I am not a gamer. 🙂

I hope this helps you to narrow down your laptop choices.

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