Thanks, Dell!

It is so nice to be back on my own PC. I have a blog post about mastectomy and reconstructive surgery that I’ll post later but I want to share some computer tricks I have learned from the five laptops I have owned. I am not a netbook or “in the Cloud” user, I have too much astrological and word processing-related software on my computer to be able to use Drive or Google docs for all my work-stuff.

I use Carbonite to continually back up my computer so I am never more than a few minutes from a full data back up. I also keep a few files, my book I am working on, and my Endnote library files (Endnote is the bibliography software I use) on a jump drive. This enables me to move right onto another PC. Once on the new computer I can log into my Google profile and and just continue working. If the hard drive needs to be replaced, and yes, I’ve gone through several, I can just reload critical software, download all my data from and be back in business in a few hours.

What about you, do you not worry about it, are you able to work “in the cloud” or do you have some data portability tips to share?

Please comment!

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