It’s my Birthday!

I turned fifty today, November the 16th. Other November 1962’s include Demi Moore, Jodie Foster,  and Jon Stewart. Happy Birthday to us all! My Dad and Sue called to sing Happy Birthday to me and Scott took me to the Seattle Scotch Malt Whiskey Extravaganza. I don’t drink but the buffet is always excellent. 

Dunthor Happy Birthday

I remembered today that we took my Mom on her first backpacking trip for her 50th birthday. We got her all fitted out with gear and did a shakedown trip to Blackwell in Illinois. We started from her house in Wheaton and walked with fully loaded backpacks down a  greenbelt called the Prairie Path and slept in tents near Mt Trashmore. Then she flew out to Seattle and we hiked part of the Wonderland Trail that circles Mt Rainier. We all had a blast. Scott always weighed the backpacks before we’d leave the house and he didn’t let us carry more than whatever percentage of our body weight he deemed proper. On the second morning we were out Scott lifted her backpack up to put it on her and thought it felt heavier. She kept insisting it was fine but he opened up the main compartment zipper and found a plastic bag filled with five pounds of gummy sharks she was trying to hide!

I also got this cute Happy Birthday email:

We could have sent you a birthday card.  We could have sent you some flowers or a cake. But we didn’t.

We could have even sent you one of those automatically generated messages to wish you happy birthday where we don’t even have to replace INSERT NAME.

But we didn’t

We wrote this birthday greeting just for you.

We would like to wish you a very special birthday.

The Handmade Artists’ Forum Team.

//:: This message was automatically generated :://

Cute, eh?