Apparently, I spoke too soon. After the plastic parts on my laptop were successfully replaced, the hard drive crashed. Dell is sending a tech out to replace it this week.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. I had this same problem with a previous laptop. It was overheating and Dell decided to replace the fan. The fan was replaced and once it was working properly and the laptop tried to boot back up… no hard drive.

I think the problem is that the laptops I pick are the smaller ones, usually 11 inches or so and all the components inside are so tiny and are packed so tightly that everything in the chassis needs to be unplugged and removed in order to replace any other part.

So, after I spent an hour on the phone with a really nice guy in India who tried every diagnostic he could think of, I am back to waiting.

Anyway, I got some entertaining feedback on my blog from a neighbor. We bumped into each other at Fred Meyer and she said she was reading my posts and since I always talk about going here with Rob or taking Rob there, it wasn’t until she worked back to a camping post that she realized Rob was not my husband’s name. 🙂

Here is a quick primer for anyone who might be confused:

Dunthor, Robert
Halloween Scott kilt