This is so my Christmas Tree!

This is so my Christmas Tree!

I have collected over a dozen different book-tree ideas but this is my favorite. I found it on andgrassi’s feed on instagram. Click the pic to see the rest of his pix.

So many people have asked me why we never have a tree that I’ve decided to share the event that ruined us on Christmas trees. We had a Christmas tree once, probably in about 1985 or so. We also had several cats at the time, Daniel, Alice, Mary and Ilsa, I believe. Scott found a 4 foot tall tree and we bought some little lights and made paper ornaments. After we set it up and decorated it, went out to the store. We came home to a slaughter-scene. The poor tree was lying in the middle of the living room, strangled by its lights with its detached ornaments all over the room. Scott still shudders anytime anyone suggests putting up a tree.

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