Thank you, University of Wales!

dunthor U Wales certificateIt’s here, it’s here, and it’s in Welsh!

My post-grad certificate has arrived!

Thank you, Nick, Bernadette, Alie and all the other wonderful professors and tutors at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

I am seriously excited about this. I received a letter that I would be awarded a Post Graduate Certificate, with Merit back in July. The letter also said “pending the approval of the board” and scary disclaimers like that so when it didn’t appear in my mail box I thought maybe there was a problem with either my approval or with the mail.

Then when all the MA graduates were getting their diplomas and mine still hadn’t come I thought of calling but I was afraid they’d say my candidacy had been voted down or worse, “well, we were going to send it but if you are going to nag us, we’re not!”

Then today, November 29th, my postman brought it to me and I had to sign for it.  Isn’t it lovely? So colorful, it is going to look just beautiful in my office. I think I’ll need another just as soon as I can afford to go back to school. In fact, I may become a collector of post-grad certificates.

dunthor U Wales

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