The Winning CombinationI have really big news!

We seem to have struck upon a winning combination for me migraine-wise. I have had  only two migraines in the last two months. Really! I have been afraid to mention it in case I jinx the whole thing.

Thank you, gods and doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors …

I am noticing all the strange habits I’ve picked up because of the increased frequency of migraines lately. Things like feeling nervous if I venture more than an hour away from the house or an urgent care facility, refilling meds with clockwork efficiency and carrying my entire supply with me, making sure to schedule down-time between any appointments or social engagements. Then add things like limiting the amount of time spent out in the cold or heat and avoiding whatever the current dietary triggers are and you can end up looking like a real eccentric.

What is interesting is that we’ve been experimenting with many of the dietary triggers like wheat, yeast, coffee, chocolate, and soy over the last two months with no migraines. I am realizing how much I had adjusted to the continually changing “new normal’ and now am feeling, metaphorically, like I’ve been let out of a box. Most importantly, it means that peanut butter and jelly on raisin toast is back on the menu!