libertyHappy 4th,  I hope you are enjoying your Independence day! I know that I’ve posted a link to Liberty before but PBS has finally figured out what a great asset they have and they’ve built a dedicated website to include new resources, a teacher’s guide and a quiz to test your knowledge of the American Revolution. Have fun…

And… the series is finally out on DVD!

Click the pic to see it on Amazon. We only had it on VHS which means we haven’t been able to watch the series in forever.

My favorite 4th of July Story

A friend was telling me how she, her sister and her mother came to the USA in early Summer when she was about 5 or 6 years old. They were sponsored by a church group and came from Cambodia. Well no one warned them about the fourth of July and when the fireworks started they were terrified. Her mother barricaded them in their little apartment and they spent two days under the bed in terror. The people from the church realized something must be wrong and kept knocking at the door but that only scared them more. Finally the police and landlord were called in to get the door open and to explain what was going on. Now, it is her kid’s favorite story but what an awful initiation to American culture that must have been! For me it is a great reminder that the vast majority of our families came here from somewhere else. Enjoy the holiday!