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We love Camping!

One of the first things you notice in a campground is the humongous condo-style motorhomes, a close second is the number of dogs. Yes, dogs love to be in the woods so close to the trees and the dirt and the rabbits hopping around. But I think even more than that, it is the easiest way for people with dogs to travel. If you think about it, the alternatives are pet-friendly motels, boarding or friends. Pet friendly motels are difficult to find and many only take small dogs. Contrary to what you may think, you can’t leave the dogs in the room and actually go out to dinner. Most “pet-friendlies” have policies that you have to be in the room with the pet at all times. You could board your dog but then you are worrying if the place really looks like what they showed you or if they just have a couple of nice runs for show. Then there is the way we usually do it, either travel separately or find a friend who isn’t on vacation the same week to stay with them which is so much more involved than arranging for a cat-sitter. In case you don’t remember, here is the week long saga of when our poor cat-sitter tried to check on Rob and Gracie for us and Gracie got so goofy about seeing a man come in instead of us that she jumped the 6 foot fence and went missing for a week — Gracie is Missing.

Before dogs, we used to backpack. I do miss the isolation of backpacking from time to time but I also love the flexibility of car-camping; things like showers, fresh fruit and bread are hard to beat. It is also nice that friends can visit. Joe rode his motorcycle out and stayed over since the camper has king-sized beds at each end. Rob was thrilled to share his bunk with him and covered Joe with dog kisses. During the day, Rob is outside whenever possible. On the other hand, Gracie spent an entire gorgeous sunny day inside, go figure… I guess she got enough of the great outdoors before her rescue in Taiwan. Something I love about having the camper is that we can each decide whether we want to be working or off, roughing it or not. I can be inside at the dinette on my laptop, using Wi-Fi to upload pictures and write this blog post while Scott and Joe can talk outside, sitting in the dark and sipping Scotch as if they were in another time and place entirely.

One of our favorite campgrounds is in Tumwater, Washington which allows us easy access to our little wooden boat which is moored nearby in Olympia, the southernmost port on Puget Sound. From there we have puttered around on beautiful days watching tall ships engaged in mock cannon battles, tugboats lined up to race one another, and wooden boats of all ages and types and then again, we’ve been out on days with not another boat in sight and just the harbor seals and the sea birds to keep us company. Either way, at the end of a long day out on the water, it’s only a 7 mile drive back to our cozy camper.