New Year Resolutions or SMART Goals

Smart Goals

Try S.M.A.R.T. goals this year. Smart goals were developed by corporate America and they work. If you click the different links below you’ll find that there are different interpretations of the acronym and you may make up some you like better. I like my R better. 😉

What is important is that thinking your goals through in this way, then writing them out and reading them twice a day will help you to Get Focused. So, on to SMART goals…

S: specific, what exactly do you want? Not, I want to get in better shape, or I want to lose a few pounds, or I want to make more money, or, something wussy. Be specific.

M: measurable, make your goal quantifiable.  How much money? How many pounds?

A: attainable, (sometimes this one is “assignable” but since we’re setting personal goals it wouldn’t make a lot of sense) so, attainable it is. This doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful, a BHG or “big, hairy goal” is OK but if you have a huge goal, break it down into some smaller goals along the way.

R: reward/risk,  (it’s really “realistic” or “relevant” for this one but for personal goals I prefer reward/risk) a reward is something small but meaningful, if you lose a pound this week you get to add 20 bucks to the new wardrobe piggy bank. Risk is same, If you don’t lose that pound, make the number of workouts or number of sales you planned during the week, how about cold showers or no coffee on the weekend? Would that motivate you? It would motivate me!

T: timed, attach a date to it. The bigger goal can be six months out, the “check-in” goals and rewards should be weekly.

Now take some time each day to visualize what you want and why you want it! Don’t ever forget your “Why” this is so important. Read your specific, measurable, timed and written out goal statement each night before you go to sleep and dream about attaining it. Do a bonus-read in the morning as well and you are golden!

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