This one is the April Fools “Ad” from Lenovo, featuring multimode naps and a danderproof keyboard, read on…

Early Morning Catastrophes Averted

Cats wake up long before alarm clocks do; prevent your feline companion from yowling at you by giving her complete access to her PawPad Yoga 9. She can logon herself using our pawprint scanner, and with the appropriate training, start an entertaining app with the swipe of a paw on the multitouch screen. She can listen to small animal sounds, watch an animated red dot move chaotically across the screen, or tune into a cat-themed news station for updates on the latest bird migration patterns. And it’s all protected with anti-dogware.

Thanks for the chuckle Lenovo, this was seriously cute!

Source: PawPad Yoga 9 | World’s First Cattop PC | Lenovo US