The view from the dog-park
The view from the dog-park
I always forget what a cool city Edmonds is. It has the requisite quaint downtown, beautiful waterfront and marina and more cafés than I can count. We don’t get up that way very often but Scott had an errand near town and we decided to walk the waterfront with Robert. Well, that didn’t work out because there were “no dogs” signs posted absolutely everywhere. Then a woman approached us and said that way down at the end of the street, past the marina was a dog-beach. That sounded intriguing so we headed down there. We eventually ended up at the OLAE, The Off-Leash Area Edmonds. It was a beautiful section of beach, fenced and full of dogs.  One black lab was digging an enormous hole in the sand, another was fetching huge logs out of the Sound, several little terriers played together and Rob found a young German Shepherd who was just about his size to focus on. They ran and jousted and generally had great fun together.  I will have to find an excuse to make that drive again soon.

2 thoughts on “Edmonds”

  1. I use to live a few blocks from the ferry terminal there – I loved living in downtown Edmonds! I know the dog park, too, though I walked there without a dog.


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