November 3rd is Election Day. Washington Voters, make sure to get your ballots postmarked early! Better yet, vote this weekend! Scott and I like to sit down with coffee and our voter guides and fill out our ballots together.

I come from a “long line” of voters. My grandmother was an active voter who watched elections as if they were Cubs games and my parents were precinct captains when I was young. I am proud that I have never missed voting in a general election.

Scott and I just watched Not for Ourselves Alone and both loved it. This film tells the story of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the two most influential fighters for women’s suffrage in America. It covers their work, their decades-long relationship and their historical period in exactly the way you would expect from Ken Burns and PBS. I remember watching Shoulder to Shoulder as a teen. This was a BBC mini-series that dramatized the lives of the Pankhurst women and their role in Britain’s militant Suffragette Movement. It is interesting that it has never been released on VHS or DVD. I saw it on my local Masterpiece Theater station when it was originally released and it had a huge impact on me.

Click for the story of Women’s Suffrage in Britain from the Edwardian Promenade Website.

The Washington State History Museum in Tacoma had an exhibit on the subject of Women’s Suffrage in the US and Washington State in particular. The Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices exhibit has now closed but the website still has some interesting information.

For information on this upcoming election:

Click for the official King County Voter’s guide.

Click for The FUSE Progressive Voters website.