Boo-hoo, our cruise ended. It was wonderful! If you are thinking about taking one, by all means do it. What a great time — we saw unbelievable scenery, the Sawyer glacier, the islands, the inside passage itself. We saw whales spouting, eagles, seals, otters and a school of dolphins followed our ship and played in its wake. The service was amazing and I took pictures of the towel animals our room steward left on the bed each day.  The food was fantastic and anyone would be able to find meals appropriate to their diet. We were able to find low-carb options the whole time and saw other people looking equally happy with plates full of chicken strips and fries. We ate four meals a day and didn’t gain a pound.

I brought my spinning wheel and met another spinster the first day out. She is from Eastern Washington and this was the fifth cruise she had taken with her husband and spinning wheel. It  turned out that we are both NwRSA members and will both be at conference in June.  We met every day of the cruise at one or another of the great view-spots on the ship to spin and whale-watch. I finished spinning and plying some wool/seacell and an ounce of angora. I also crocheted 8 bunny egg-cozies and 6 bunny finger puppets that I am going to list in my Etsy store  as fundraisers for Rabbit Haven Shelter. We stopped in ports along the way and,  I found yarn for my bunny puppets and a few stones to wrap at Mission Street Arts & Fibers in Ketchikan, hand dyed wool  and a mystery batt at Skeins Fine Yarns in Juneau, and a packet of exotic fibers at Changing Threads in Skagway.

I highly recommend Norwegian Cruise Line. We were well taken care of and I love the multinational backgrounds of the crew. Each crewmember has their country of origin on their nametag and I can’t think of anyplace that was unrepresented. Hmm, now that I think about it I don’t remember seeing Greenland. Do people live in Greenland? I only wish they gave a complete tour of the ship. I’ve heard that they used to do a whole day tour that included lunch with the captain but that it was discontinued after 9/11.

We arrived home early on Saturday to a very happy dog. Rob obviously had a wonderful time and was well cared for. The rest of Saturday was spent traveling to Gig Harbor to pick up our newly adopted bunnies. But, that is another story…. >^..^<