What a fun day! Betty Crotchitt and I went to the NwRSA “area 2030” spin-in at the White Center Library and had a very enjoyable get-together.  I like what a multicraftual crowd this is, while most of us were spinning, someone was making a rug, one was knitting and another was weaving a basket. The carrot cake was awesome and I won the monthly basket raffle. The basket contains a knitting calendar with some great patterns, yarns and spinning fiber. She who wins the basket gets to refill it for next time and I am already gathering things for it.

When I got home, we took the angoras out into the dog yard and let them play in the sunshine. They live indoors so this was a big deal for them. I brought them one by one out into the fenced dog yard right off the kitchen, without the dog, for now. It is the first time the cinna-buns have officially met little Freya. Their crates are next to one another but they’ve not been loose together. They loved the sun and once they got the pecking order established they all ran and played together. There was a bit of mounting-behavior but that was all between Ivy and Angus, the littermates. Rosie spent a lot of time grooming Freya’s ears and Freya teased Angus into chasing her. They chewed some elm leaves and lemon balm and dug a few holes. It was great to see them relax and play since they are still kind of nervous in general. I was surprised that it wasn’t as hard to round them up as I thought it might be.

We finished up with pot roast and turnips for dinner, a long dog-walk and The Golden Compass. Just ducky.

Video of Freya on her first backyard outing

1st backyard outing for the bunnies