How many times have you thought that the structure of a class workshop would be better for you that just reading a book on your own? Have you missed the camaraderie,  the ability to study as a group or the deadlines? (just kidding!) I thought of a few books that I think would work well as a read-along/do-along group and I can set up weekly Skype calls for the group and also have a forum where we can all discuss our insights as we go along. The charge would be just what it takes me to handle the venue and the starting date will be set when I have enough sign ups to make it interesting.

Here are some ideas:

Greco-Roman Goddesses

Basics of the birth chart

Interpret your own chart

Learn tarot

Learn to use creative visualization, NLP and ritual to resolve a specific issue or project

Let me know which you are interested in and I’ll get a schedule going and email more info.

>^..^< Inga