I just attended the AFA’s conference on Traditional Astrology in the 21st Century. It was held In honor of James H. Holden, FAFA with Ben Dykes, Demetra George and Chris Brennan. Holden is the author of many books including his new translation of Firmicus Maternus’ Mathesis, but I was there to have him sign my copy of A History of Horoscopic Astrology. In my first year at Kepler College, I had my copy cut at the binding and comb-bound and I thought any author would appreciate seeing their book dog-eared, and bristling with bookmarks… he did. At breakfast, we talked about his impressions of turning 85 and our favorite books by H. Rider Haggard. The weather was perfect for sitting outside in the morning and my usual breakfast entertainment was watching the grackles steal people’s toast and fruit off their plates when they went inside to refill their coffee cups. The birds were fast and fearless and the confused looks on people’s faces when they returned to their tables was priceless. The organizers said there were 150 attendees, an unheard of number for such an obscure subject. I was able to spend time with Demetra, my hero, and some Kepler Alums as well as with some Hellenistic Astrology devotees I met in 2006 when Mom and I attended a conference in Maryland. The lectures were great and I reviewed a lot and learned a lot as well. My livescribe pen was invaluable and I did several demos of its features for everyone who asked. So, now I am back home catching up on chores, organizing all my papers from the weekend and figuring out how to integrate all this new material!

The AFA, American Federation of Astrologers‘ website.

Here is the website to check out if you are interested in Hellenistic Astrology.

Delphic Oracle is Astrology software specifically designed for the practice of Hellenistic astrology.

The hemp bracelets I made during the plane ride.