I warped my Baby Wolf loom all by myself this morning which means….Robin is a really good teacher!  There are six main processes that have to be completed before you can weave:

  • measuring the warp
  • winding on
  • threading the heddles
  • sleying the reed
  • tying and tensioning the warp
  • weaving a header

Robin did them all with me over the last few weeks by teaching me little tricks along the way. I learned fun jargon like heddle, reed, sley and raddle and how to get the tension right by feel. This time it was just me and the Baby Wolf!

When I was in grade-school and had access to a loom, warping was a whole separate thing that someone else did so that you could weave 🙂 Now I am discovering that is an enjoyable part of the weaving process. I’ll admit the enjoyment is due to it having worked. I suspect that I would feel totally differently if it hadn’t. Of course, I was careful to stack the deck by working on it during Venus and Mercury hours.

This weaving project is a scarf of two colors of orange cotton, one shiny and the other more matte with squiggles of orange/white/red sari silk. I have quite a bit of the sari silk in various colors because I got a serious deal on some on ebay and then inherited more from Mom. That was before I discovered that I really didn’t like either knitting or crocheting with it — it’s akin to knitting with steel wool. It is, however, dreamy for weaving.

So now I may have to re-sort all my yarn again. First I had it sorted by color, then by weight to make planning knitting projects easier like lace, sock, worsted, etc. Now it is by content like wool, cotton, rayon, etc. Perhaps I will go back to color again in order to make choosing a palette easier. How do you sort yours? >^..^<