Yes, Berries!

They weren’t perfectly ripe yet but they were a nice treat anyway. I also saw one rabbit, one squirrel, five people out walking their dogs, and a large number of crows. I love checking out the ‘hood and monitoring all the home and garden projects people are working on this time of year.

Now about that walk… one thing you learn in Astrology is that everything cycles! I wrote about Nordic walking way back in 2009 in this  blog post: Try Nordic Walking, then I went back to running, then running on the rebounder during the winter, and now in the next revolution, I am back to Nordic walking. This is a good excuse not to get rid of athletic gear, unless you actually hated whatever form of exercise it represents, you’ll probably go back to it eventually.

Do you walk or run in your neighborhood?

Morning or evening?

Do you change-up your exercise routine?


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