We spent all day yesterday walking around and driving around, putting up signs and calling her name.  Today I’ll drop off flyers at the vet offices that weren’t open yesterday and get more signs up. I can’t imagine how frightened she must be and I don’t have any idea whether she is running farther away or hiding nearby.

I am grateful for how interested people are, many come right over to read the sign and talk to me as soon as I staple one up. I also never realized how important telephone poles are to the communication in a community. Some have so many staples and nails sticking out of them that I have to remove several to get my sign flat. Scott and I have been wearing Fitbits since his birthday and try to get 10,000 steps every day, that is around 5 miles. Yesterday I got 20,272 steps (11.53 miles) and the equivalent of 28 floors of stairs.

Every time I come home, I expect to see her on the porch waiting for me.

Gracie with Rob

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