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Sync Stress?

I’ve written about my Fitbit before, probably years ago. It is a step counter and I am on my third one now. Normally they just count away and I get my 10,000 steps with no problems day after day, month after month. I even participate in challenges with other people on the internet, yes that is what passes for a social life for me. ūüėČ

This works really well until I get 10,677 steps and it won’t sync up and here I am hanging there with this:


AAAARGH! I uninstall the app, reinstall, reconnect the bluetooth connections and discovered that somewhere along the way my Fitbit has attempted a firmware upgrade which is what has probably upset my competitive process here. So as usual, things calmed down around the fourth restart and at about 1:00 am I got a sync (click for a larger view):

10,000a So I got my steps and I actually got an adrenaline bonus sprint by getting stressed about whether I would get my steps counted for the right day. Yes, I am a step-geek.

Link: my very first post about my first Fitbit

Link: the official Fitbit website


This week’s fitbit stats

check out the average steps per day!

Hi Inga, here are your weekly stats.
12/31/2012 to 1/06/2013
TOTAL STEPS 71,728  DAILY AVERAGE 10,247 steps BEST DAY 11,769 steps  
TOTAL DISTANCE 40.78 miles  DAILY AVERAGE 5.83 miles BEST DAY 6.69 miles  
TOTAL CALS BURNED 13,758  DAILY AVERAGE 1,965 cals BEST DAY 2,027 cals  
WEIGHT CHANGE 0.0 lb    
AVG SLEEP DURATION —¬†hrs¬†—¬†min Seems like you haven’t tracked your sleep. Need Help? ¬†

Last week’s step winners

1 Suzanne Cody 151,071 steps
2 Inga 71,728 steps
3 Ela 70,919 steps

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Last week’s badges


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My Fitbit Weekly Stats

This is what my weekly stats report looks like. You can keep track of your stats anytime by¬†going to the fitbit¬†website, (it’s free) and see your day compared to other days or compared to your spouse, workmates, or a team you’ve chosen. Think about starting a team of your family or whatever group you belong¬†to. You can see your daily count¬†in real time¬†just by looking at your fitbit, this is what I generally do. Then once a week I¬†receive my stats in an email. They look like this:

Hi Inga, here are your weekly stats.
12/24/2012 to 12/30/2012
TOTAL STEPS 69,878  DAILY AVERAGE 9,983 steps BEST DAY 10,534 steps
TOTAL DISTANCE 39.73 miles  DAILY AVERAGE 5.68 miles BEST DAY 5.99 miles
TOTAL CALS BURNED 14,079  DAILY AVERAGE 2,011 cals BEST DAY 2,116 cals
 weekly-stats-table-weight WEIGHT CHANGE 0.0 lb
AVG SLEEP DURATION —¬†hrs¬†—¬†min Seems like you haven’t tracked your sleep. Need Help?
Last week’s step winners

1 Suzanne 143,222 steps
2 Ela 70,315 steps
3 Inga 69,878 steps

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The new Fitbit is available!

The new Fitbit is available!

A new fitbit has been introduced since I posted my review. I checked one out at REI today and figured out what the big difference is … it will sync via bluetooth 4.0 and doesn’t require a cable like mine does.

Click: Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

my review: https://dunthor.com/2012/10/22/fitbit_review/

A Rainy Halloween


It’s Halloween 2012

Here is my Halloween treat for you. It is a recording called Halloween Pickles and it is about two brothers who dress up as the scariest  things they can think of for trick-or-treat. What do they pick? One dresses as a nun and the other as a Choctaw warrior. Scott and I heard this on NPR years ago and it has become a Halloween tradition for us. Check it out here: Halloween Pickles.

I discovered another benefit of the Fitbit. Kevin & John were working upstairs all day so I spent the whole day sitting in my studio with Rob & Gracie and only logged 1400 steps.  I decided to get a good long walk in so I messed around for about 15 minutes trying to get an audio file onto my phone and then trotted out into the rain. About halfway through the lecture I was listening to, I stopped to check my fitbit. My belt clip was empty, lanyard still attached to it.

I panicked momentarily and then remembered I had stuck it in its charging cradle while I was messing with the phone… AAAARGH.¬†Discovering that I wasn’t logging any steps really sapped my motivation. Yes, I am externally¬†rather than¬†internally motivated, and it wasn’t until I remembered I could enter an activity by hand that I got my second wind! When I got home I clicked “log an activity” on the Fitbit¬†menu and copied the stats from the last walk onto today’s log. Whew.

Click here to read my earlier post about it: Fitbit Review.

Stay tuned for some kitchen pix once the guys are gone.

Tomorrow is Halloween!

Halloween Checklist:

Halloween Scott kiltCostume?

Scott will be wearing his kilt for work. I probably won’t be leaving the house except for my walk so I¬†am not dressing up.¬†ūüôā


We don’t really bother because we have had exactly 4 trick-or-treaters in the 20 years we’ve lived here. The last ones were quite happy with the Lara Bars & Cliff Bars we offered them.

A little creepy decor?

The houseplants that were in the kitchen have died out on the porch, does that count?


We’ve been on a steady diet of X Files and Walking Dead for the last week. So it is time to move along to Betelgeuse and
Young Frankenstein.

Are you ready?

Click here for my Halloween Movie choices and tell me some of yours!

Fitbit Review

Get more active: check out my Fitbit review.

fitbitI have a fit bit ultra and I really love this thing. In fact, I love it so much that when I lost it¬†I walked all over JoAnn’s and Home Depot for hours looking for it until I finally had to give up. I was so bummed that Scott bought me another on his way home, honestly! ¬† ¬† Continue reading Fitbit Review

Still no Gracie…

We spent all day yesterday walking around and driving around, putting up signs and calling her name. ¬†Today I’ll drop off flyers at the vet offices that weren’t open yesterday and get more signs up. I can’t imagine how frightened she must be and I don’t have any idea whether she is running farther away or hiding nearby.

I am grateful for how interested people are, many come right over to read the sign and talk to me as soon as I staple one up. I also never realized how important telephone poles are to the communication in a community. Some have so many staples and nails sticking out of them that I have to remove several to get my sign flat. Scott and I have been wearing Fitbits since his birthday and try to get 10,000 steps every day, that is around 5 miles. Yesterday I got 20,272 steps (11.53 miles) and the equivalent of 28 floors of stairs.

Every time I come home, I expect to see her on the porch waiting for me.

Gracie with Rob

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