Get more active: check out my Fitbit review.

fitbitI have a fit bit ultra and I really love this thing. In fact, I love it so much that when I lost it I walked all over JoAnn’s and Home Depot for hours looking for it until I finally had to give up. I was so bummed that Scott bought me another on his way home, honestly!    

What is the fitbit?

The fitbit is an amazingly accurate pedometer with altimeter. I’ve checked it against my Garmin Forerunner and a mechanical pedometer and it tallies acceptably with both.

where to wearHow do you wear your fitbit?

The pic above shows all the places you can wear it. I like to just keep it in my pocket. After losing the first one I keep a lanyard attached to this one. I like the one Amazon has because it has a really good clip to attach to your waistband or pocket.

sync fitbit

Along with keeping track of your steps, flights of stairs, and calories burned, the fitbit communicates with you via little messages and a flower whose stem “grows” more leaves when you are active. It also syncs with the website via a USB charging base plugged into my laptop. Don’t ask me how it works with a MAC because I can only speak to how it syncs with a laptop running Windows 7. Mine syncs perfectly… every time.

fitbit laptop

It syncs with

The fitbit doesn’t need to be in the charging base to sync, it will sync when  you are near the base, or near anyone else’s base. The Fitbit website gives you all the motivational feedback you could want. It will give you a graph of your calories, steps, weight and will even track your sleep patterns. Sleep tracking is easy, push the fitbit into the wristband (included) and then when you are actually ready to fall asleep, press and hold the button on the fitbit until the timer starts. When you get up in the morning, just press and hold the button again until “STOP” appears.

The website also has support and community forums. You can join groups with similar goals, groups in your geographic area, or any other interests you can identify. You can find friends and encourage each other. All your “friends” will show up as avatars on your profile and if you hover over a picture you can choose to cheer, taunt or message each one.

fitbit dashboardWho is it for? Well, Everyone!

If you are active, it will give you accurate stats to keep track of your training.

If you are sedentary, it will motivate you to move more.

If you are trying  to lose weight, you can use the food log to help you keep track of your calories in and calories out.

In conclusion, You Will Love It.

I bought mine at REI and while I love REI, Amazon has them for 20 dollars cheaper and includes free shipping.

K, so now you have all the information, it is time to get motivated, make your decision and click the link below to get your fitbit and get walking!

Fitbit Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker, Black/Blue