Have you taken Dr Phil’s Test?

Here is kind of a neat self test for you,

I took and got a 44.
I’m glad it wasn’t a math test because it took me five tries to get a total that wasn’t in the 100s. Yes, I am calculator challenged.
The hardest questions for me was number 3, because I do c, d and e interchangeably while I am talking to someone. I have a Gemini Ascendant, so I figure I am doing well if I am not jogging in place while I am talking. That is what I miss about smoking cigarettes, it gave me something to do with my hands besides twisting buttons off my blouse or breaking my pen, or folding an important note up into a little tiny cube,  some of the other things I’ve done while absorbed in interesting conversations. 🙂

What did you get?

Were any questions particularly hard for you to answer?



2 thoughts on “Have you taken Dr Phil’s Test?”

  1. Thank you for posting that test Inga! I love these kinds of tests. I scored a 42. The hardest question for me to answer was number 7. I had to really think about the question. I do not normally show that I feel extremely irritated when interrupted while concentrating hard on something, but I do feel it, and the question was do you feel it. So I chose that “extreme”. Although, on occassion I can find good reasons to take advantage of the break and stretch or something so it could be that “somewhere between the 2 extremes” would be a valid answer for me. If I were to choose that as the answer, I would have been a 44. :o)


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