Work out with a Friend, Man’s Best Friend!

Freya and my Mom at Tiger Mtn
Freya and my Mom at Tiger Mtn

It helps to have a workout buddy, someone who can encourage your progress and who is depending on you to get out and work out. I’ve not had great success finding a human workout buddy. They are too competitive, not competitive enough, want to chat instead of breaking a sweat,  or are too easily misled when I suggest skipping the weights and going directly to post-workout jacuzzi and beer.

Freya was my best workout buddy. When Dr Tim did her elbow surgery, he said she needed consistent exercise so we walked everyday, rain or shine or snow, for three miles at the very least. Guilt has always been a good motivator for me. LOL I can’t even imagine how far we walked before her arthritis made walking impossible for her. She is why I always recommend a dog as a walking or running buddy.

No dog of your own? No problem, walk a neighbor’s dog or even better, you can combine fitness with good works! Volunteer to exercise shelter dogs from the Seattle Animal Shelter by signing up with Get Fit With Fido. Then you’ll have a consistent motivation to walk or run, the joy of companionship while you do it, and a warm, fuzzy feeling afterward!

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