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Yep, that is my coaching tip for the day. You can file it under, “advice I thought of after I had already gone too far to go back home.” I waited all morning for a pause in the rain and when that sun-break happened, I rushed out the door. Now go ahead and predict how long it lasted… three blocks! The rest of the time was rain, but not just rain, we are talking downpour, monsoon, deluge. There were times when I thought I was swimming. I’ll admit it was cool and refreshing, at least until my shoes started squirting water with each step. The small drainage pond in the picture was completely dry yesterday and look at it today. At one point on the way home, I heard thunder and saw a flash of lightning nearby, like really nearby. I saw where it hit when I turned onto my block. My neighbor’s tree was still steaming! Then after an hour, the rain stopped, the sun came out and I arrived at home, where the pups were asleep in the living room.

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