What a gorgeous Spring Weekend!

Seattle certainly demonstrated some spectacular weather for Easter and Passover celebrations this weekend. I always equate crocuses with Easter because they were usually just blooming by then in Chicago, but ours bloomed back in  February here.

The Hyacinths and Tulips are putting on a show right now along with the Cherry blossoms that you can see all over town. What a beautiful time of year! In fact, while much of the country is still dealing with snow, we could have started camping weeks ago. I hope you enjoy these small samples from the garden:

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2 Comments on “What a gorgeous Spring Weekend!”

  1. misskeri1977 says:

    I really miss Seattle this time of year! I would give anything to ride a ferry right now!! Garden’s looking good!


    • Inga says:

      I am always amazed at just how exciting Spring is here. Everything happens so fast that it is almost like watching time-lapse photography. “Cue the Witch Hazels, Cherry trees, Camellias…” and on to Summer. >^..^<


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