I am not sure why I keep being asked this question but I’ll answer it…

This is my normal breakfast.  A protein shake, slice of toast and coffee.  Yup, that is dry raisin bread fresh out of the bread machine.  The protein I usually buy is EAS premium protein.  It is a protein blend and mixes really easily in water so I don’t need a shaker or blender and Costco carries it.  The other protein I buy is Dr Wheeler’s Gold Standard Protein. The benefit of the Dr. Wheelers is it tastes better and will mix in coffee. Trust me, not many powders mix in coffee. Both of these protein powders are low in carbs which means I can still have my toast, yeah!

Why is morning protein so important? About a year ago, I heard Bev Taylor give a talk about hypnotherapy for clutterers and among other things she mentioned some evidence that women need to eat protein within one hour of waking up in order to support production of  serotonin, boost dopamine levels and avoid depression. I’ve been doing this ever since. I sometimes swap a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or an egg white omelet for the protein powder. The reason I don’t substitute yogurt or milk and cereal is that they are just too low in protein for the number of carbs and calories they provide. I’ve tried to duplicate Bev’s research and found other articles that discuss combining carbohydrate and protein in order to manage serotonin levels and that  sunlight appears to support serotonin production in the brain. It seems like everyone I know is taking vitamin D or fish oil, but adding an egg to your breakfast won’t interfere with whatever regimen you are on. Protein for breakfast certainly won’t cure clinical depression but I figure that it is an easy change to make and if it helps me to stay more motivated over the winter, I am happy. Let me know if you try this!


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