Got Motivation?

How do you get motivated? How do you keep motivated? Here are some ideas I use.

  • Set deadlines. Get out your calendar and write in a completion date 10 or 12 weeks from now. Then flip back and make yourself some check-in dates along the way. I use my Llewellyn Daily Planetary Guide for this, but Outlook, Google Calendar or a wall calendar with inspiring pictures may be better for you.
  •  Create opportunities. If I want to write more, I need to have a laptop or notebook accessible. If I want to exercise more, I need to get to the gym, walk some errands or plan a weekend hike.

  • Set up a reward system that works for you. Is there something you want? Instead of buying it, make it a reward for some solid progress toward your goal, then choose another, and another…  Sometimes a simple rule will suffice, like no Facebook until my tasks are finished.
  • Learn new skills. Maybe you are bored with doing what you are doing. Get into that creative mindset by trying something new. You could get a new workout dvd or join a writing workshop, climb that learning curve!
  • Shake up those habits. Do you always run in the morning, or write at night? shake it up and try a different time of day, a different room in your house, choose some new routes. Think of ways to change your routine.
  • Stay engaged with visual inspiration. I have a file on my PC of photographs that inspire me. They include scenery, art, elegant designs and beautiful people. Any time I am unmotivated and really have to “talk myself into” being motivated, I open that file and flip through some of them. It doesn’t matter whether I am talking myself into writing or working out, these get me inspired!
  • When all else fails, I set a timer for 50 minutes and just force myself to single-task until the timer goes off.

What do you do to get motivated?

2 thoughts on “Got Motivation?”

  1. Pinterest is a great motivational tool – you can find recipes for healthy eating, inspirational quotes, exercise and fitness goals. It’s similar to having your photo file, but you don’t have to maintain it yourself.


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